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Want to heal yourself and others?

Reiki can make that dream a reality!

When completing your Reiki training, you may witness:

  • Powerful, often tangible experience of universal source intelligence

  • Deep healing of thoughts, emotions and memories in your consciousness and body

  • Heightened remembrance of Source

  • You are being guided to explore your intuition and subtle body

  • Awakening to the possibility of genuine wellness in mind, body and spirit

In these comprehensive and experiential classes, you will:

Welcome the transformative powers of Reiki into your life and experience the healing for yourself

Harness healing energy for yourself and your own life’s tapestry first, and if you so desire, for others as well.

Take a direct and proven path to moving from Reiki practitioner to Reiki Master faster than you would ever believe.

Hi!  I'm Christine.

Welcome to a world of transformation through Reiki!

My journey with Reiki has been nothing short of miraculous, reshaping my life in ways I could have never imagined. The profound healing and awakening it brought inspired me to share this gift with others. Reiki is not just energy healing; it's a catalyst for personal evolution, guiding us to embrace our true essence and navigate life with clarity and balance.


Allow Reiki to illuminate your path, heal your spirit, and empower your journey towards holistic wellness and inner peace. Together, let's embark on a transformative voyage toward a brighter, more harmonious existence.

Who would benefit from Reiki?

Are you ready to unlock your inner healer? ​Or maybe you're seeking a deeper connection to yourself and others? Curious about how Reiki energy can transform your life? ​


Picture yourself confidently channeling Reiki energy for healing and wellness.  Discover the transformative potential of Reiki 1 & 2.

Reiki has many benefits for the client or recipient but also has many benefits for the student too. This is due to the ‘attunements’ or 'placements" which are where Reiki energy is transferred into the student's energy system and chakras with a view to opening and cleansing their chakras (energy centers). This raises their vibration, cleanses their system and opens the chakras to enable the free flow of the healing energy through their upper body, arms and hands.

Program Details

Reiki is an ancient form of healing that provides physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits. The term Reiki (ray-key) means universal life force energy.  This nurturing energy is guided through the hands of the Reiki practitioner and can also be offered long distance. Reiki brings the client into a deep state of relaxation, enhancing the client’s natural abilities to heal oneself.


Reiki practice connects you to your innate healing abilities, offering an effective way to help yourself and others. Reiki can be easily blended with caregiving roles and is a nurturing self-care tool. Treatments are useful to decrease stress and anxiety, reduce pain, improve clarity of thought, release old conditioning and traumas and gain spiritual perspective. Reiki is a holistic practice that you can use anytime and anywhere.

Reiki 1

In this uplifting and experiential one-day virtual class you will learn Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level I, the system of gentle hands-on relaxation and healing originating from Japan and as taught by William Rand, founder of International Center for Reiki Training. You will learn the history of Reiki, how to apply it to everyday life and practice Reiki hands-on healing. At the end of the class you will leave certified in Reiki I and be able to use Reiki hands-on healing for yourself and others.


Reiki 2

In Reiki II training, you will learn and receive the three powerful, healing symbols that distinguish you as an advanced Reiki practitioner.  These symbols enable you to offer healing energy to deep mental and emotional issues for yourself and others, and to send distant healing reiki to people in other places and/or events.  In Level II, you'll receive the level II placement, which allows you to channel greater levels of reiki energy than as a level I practitioner.  This is where you not only grow your technical knowledge of but you further that path to being Reiki, not just performing Reiki.


Registration includes: 

  • "Reiki: The Healing Touch" by William Lee Rand

  • "How to Meditate" Coaching

  • Clean eating guide to prepare for course

  • Himalayan Salt Room Halotherapy Experience

  • Follow up 1-on-1 check-in with Christine (30 minutes)


Add on:

  • Virtual Coaching and Support - Meet with Christine and the group with meet weekly (4 sessions) on Zoom to continue your development as a Reiki practitioner.  Topics that will be discussed are the changes you're noticing in your life, best practices for a in-person session, "Christine, am I doing this correctly?", and more!

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