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Living My Dream: From Nervous Wreck to Public Speaking Pro

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Hey there, fearless readers! Let me take you on a wild ride through my latest adventure in the realm of public speaking. Buckle up, because it was one heck of a journey!

It was all a dream.

When the Jr. Celtics Academy & The Boston Celtics approached The Soul Project about teaming up for their “Her Time to Play” initiative, we were like, “Heck yeah!” But when the founder, Kristie Dean, couldn't make it and I was put in charge, I was all, “Wait, what? Me?!”

I was honored to be trusted with this opportunity.

Preparation began immediately to ensure we delivered a workshop that spoke to the Soul Project mission of “providing a brave space for girls to develop the tools and empowered beliefs they need to thrive. To discover that they are innately worthy and wildly capable and gain the skills they need to live values-driven lives, rich in healthy and meaningful connections”.

It was OUR time.

Anyone out there get a little nervous before big or new presentations? Typically, I do. But something was different this time. I was more concerned with making sure all the aspects of the workshop integrated together in a way that the audience would be responsive to. This workshop had to make an impact.

A brief moment of “am I ready for this?” hit the day before, but Corey assured me “you’ve got this!” and intuitively I felt a big yes and forged ahead.

During the workshop, I led an icebreaker and asked the participants to share something that makes them nervous with someone they don't know. I met Gracie who was made nervous by loud noises. I immediately softened my tone and said, “Wow. This workshop must be really tough for you at times, huh?”

She nodded her tiny little head to communicate yes.

“Gracie, thank you for sharing that with me. If there’s anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable today. Please let me know.”

Gracie confidently said “OK.”

“Gracie, can I share with you something that makes me nervous?”

Again, she nodded to say yes.

“Would you believe that public speaking makes me nervous?!”

With that, I presented her with my two hands, shaking every so slightly because of the cocktail of adrenaline and nerves coursing through my body.

She was shocked and said “YOU'RE NERVOUS?!”

“Sure am.” I said, “But before I came out here, I had a little chat with myself and said “It’s time to be brave” and that helped me get the courage to speak confidently.

She was blown away.


Something comes over me when I work with children. It's a super power. I transform into Fun-tastic Christine, armed with an arsenal of goofy antics and boundless energy. It's like I'm in a flow state, where time stands still and joy is the name of the game.

This flow state happens when you're doing something you enjoy. The secret ingredient to flow state is intrinsic motivation – that inner drive to do something you're passionate about. ​​I am completely immersed in connecting with the kiddos and passionate about making an impact.


As I held the captive attention of the audience ranging from children to adults, workshop participants and their parents to workshop volunteer staff, it hit me.

This was all a dream.

Cut to 7th grade Christine sitting in the gymnasium of Our Lady of Sorrows in South Orange, New Jersey, where the middle school has been assembled. A woman came to speak to us, and although I could not tell you what the heck she talked about that day, I can tell you that I remember thinking “I want to do that someday!”

It was in the stillness after the workshop that I realized…I’m closer to “someday” than I’ve ever been. Then I thought, "It's time to dream bigger than I ever have before."

What's next?


While I’ve long been interested in self development, the bulk of my professional career has been concerned with how I can support others in their own self-development practice whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. If I could make someone’s self-development journey even the slightest bit easier, I want to. No one should have to walk this road alone if they don’t wish to. Especially the kiddos.

So here's the deal, friends: if you're feeling nervous about taking the leap into something new, embrace the fear. It's just your inner superhero gearing up for action! And remember, I'm here to cheer you on every step of the way.

Let's turn our dreams into reality, one nerve-wracking adventure at a time! Who's with me?

P.S. Don't forget to check out the latest Soul Project workshops for your dose of empowerment and inspiration!

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