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Write "It" Down - Starting a Blog

A’s been something that’s piqued my interest in ebbs and flows for several years now. When it comes down to it, I suppose it’s more than simply piqued. I’m being called to write. By whom? I have my whimsical suspicions but ultimately, who cares? Writing is a desire within me that is only quelled by an occasional IG post or killed by my limiting self beliefs.

Until now.

I love being able to sit down and tell a story; to artfully craft a narrative of whatever the topic may be. That’s exactly what this will be; a stream of consciousness refined for your potential consumption.  

Who knows where this will go. Regardless of the viewership, I’m already proud of myself for starting.

Read it. Don’t. The choice is yours. 

However, what I insist you take away is this: discover, question, follow, understand, and learn to love that inner voice of yours. Write the blog. Start the business. Take the leap of faith. Schedule the date. Apply for the job. Plan the trip. Whatever you’re being called to do… say yes and take the first step.

The beauty of your story is that it’s yours and will continue to evolve.  Why not make it something you’re insanely proud of?

girl writing by the water

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